Creating Your Personal Plan for Feeling Great!
Chiropractic Care is built on establishing and maintaining a healthy, fully aligned foundation starting with your spine, which directly impacts your central nervous system. Your nervous system is the master control for all body functions from movement to the way you breathe, so it’s critical to begin there. Think of it as if you were constructing a home. You want your foundation to be strong in order to support the walls, roof, floors, and the rest of your house. It’s the same with your health. Spinal misalignments affect your nervous system which can cause pain, disease and a system that is not functioning at its fullest capacity. By correcting any misalignments with a precise plan of care, your body can support you in your healthiest natural state.

Step 1: Pain Relief
If you are in pain, the the initial focus is to alleviate it. Part of this process is to correct your spine in order to allow the body to begin the healing process. Depending on your condition, the doctor may want to work with you two to three times weekly for a month or two of care in order to give your body the optimal environment for healing as quickly as possible.

Step 2:  Restoring Balance
The corrective phase of your chiropractic plan is to bring your body into balance allowing your muscles and other tissues the opportunity to heal and strengthen.  This helps prevent further injury, illness and pain.  During this step of your program, you may continue to require correction until your body can maintain the alignment on its own.

Step 3:  Wellness Care
When your body is pain free, the new goal becomes keeping it that way!  This is accomplished by maintaining your spinal correction, and coming in to be checked periodically, maybe one or more times a month depending on your condition and lifestyle. This way your carefully designed wellness strategy works with you to create ideal health!