Dr. Erik Mathon D.C practices Diversified Chiropractic technique in his office in combination with Cox flexion-distraction, and drop table adjusting. He complements this with a variety of soft tissue techniques including myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, Active release, and PNF stretching. Dr. Mathon uses ultrasound and electrical stimulation as adjunctive therapies when needed. He also prescribes exercise, nutritional, and stretching recommendations to optimize the effects of the treatments.

Chiropractic Care

Never before in the history of the chiropractic profession has the correction process been as effective and painless as it is today. Many of the newest, well-researched techniques generate progress more quickly and effectively than ever before.  Dr. Erik Mathon D.C is highly trained and certified in all the methods he uses in patient care.

Corrective Exercises

Nothing complements your spinal correction like strengthening weakened muscles and tissues with corrective movement and stretches. When your spine is out of alignment, your body may be using muscles and tissues incorrectly which causes weakening and sometimes pain.  By working with a targeted movement program, you will quickly build strength and flexibility while alleviating pain, and lack of mobility. Dr. Erik Mathon D.C will prescribe a movement plan directly related to your personal condition and will be checking you and your progress throughout your wellness program.

Lifestyle Guidelines

Most of us are unaware of the activities and lifestyle elements that may be aggravating our health and postural alignment. As an enhancement to chiropractic corrections, Dr. Mathon offers lifestyle guidelines geared to help you fulfill your specific health and balance goals. This might include adding certain programs to your lifestyle such as meditation and avoiding activities that sap your strength and alignment.

Nutritional Coaching

Chiropractic care is intended to help patients achieve balance and restore optimal health. This requires eating to nourish your body and allowing it the opportunity to convert food into energy. Dr. Erik Mathon D.C may suggest certain dietary adjustments for you as well as vitamin supplementation.