Dr. Erik Mathon has had his own successful Chiropractic practice in Mill Valley for over ten years. His purpose for being a Doctor of Chiropractic is to use his in depth experience of diagnosis and treatment of the human body to help identify and understand problem areas. Symptoms are usually just one component of the health issue.

Dr. Erik Mathon explains his findings and creates a plan that involves restorative treatment. This means he will do everything he can to remove pain and discomfort, restore mobility and spinal alignment, reduce stress and tension and support his patients in the endeavors that make their lives more fulfilling.

While Dr. Erik Mathon enjoys working closely with patients his goal is to have patients become self-sufficient and in charge of their health. Treatment includes specific exercise and activity prescription that will help achieve this goal. He wants to help patients live more fully and happily through optimal health.

Client Reviews

“I have never been a chiropractic enthusiast, but would recommend Dr. Mathon to anyone with a sincere interest in their health. He is very professional yet personable and has a better understanding of the human body than any other Dr. I’ve been to. Most importantly, it was clear his goal was to help me to understand how to help myself, rather than come back for another quick fix.”

— by Shawnee D.