Welcome to my office and congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier you!  

Initial Consultation

Once your initial intake forms are complete, Dr. Erik Mathon will meet with you for an in-depth consultation to evaluate your situation, hear your concerns and expectations, and discuss how chiropractic care can help meet your needs.

Spinal Examination

Dr. Erik Mathon will also examine your spine which involves your range of motion, reflexes and flexibility. He may also perform standard neurological, postural, and orthopedic tests all of which requires your consent.

X-Ray Analysis

Dr. Mathon may refer you, if clinically supported, for X-Rays depending on your condition in order to determine the exact misalignment and condition of your spine.  This information helps him develop a concise and highly effective treatment plan geared to generate results in the most timely fashion.

Evaluation Results

After reviewing your test results coupled with your health history and needs, Dr. Erik Mathon will discuss recommendations for chiropractic care as well as support, if needed, from practitioners in other fields. He will address the three most important questions which are: how he can help, how much it will cost and how often you need to be seen. The goal will be to facilitate your healing and balance in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Treatment Plan

When your evaluations are complete, you and Dr. Erik Mathon will decide together which treatments and therapies best address your condition and fit into your lifestyle. These may include spinal corrections, massage, and certain types of physical therapy. Your plan can be altered as you see fit, so feel free to bring your questions and concerns to Dr. Mathon.

Wellness Program

Creating optimal wellness is an ongoing lifestyle commitment that incorporates several components in addition to an aligned spine. These include a nutritious diet, proper exercise, and a positive emotional state all of which become increasingly easier to maintain as your health improves.

At first you may have specific temporary instructions to follow regarding your spinal correction such as applying heat or cold, and avoiding certain types of movement or activities until your body heals. Dr Mathon may also give you exercises or stretches to practice at home which can become part a regular routine.

Learning how to truly nourish yourself takes time and is key to a successful wellness plan. Think of it as using only the finest fuel to keep your engine running smoothly.