Back Pain and Chiropractic in Marin

Most people associate the term ‘Chiropractic’ with ‘back pain treatment’.

While back pain is one of the more common conditions that motivate people to seek Chiropractic help , even here in Marin, it is definitely not the only condition. 

Many people do not realize that Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and direct care across a wide range of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Typical complaints can include headaches and acute pain in the back, neck jaw, knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, and wrists,  to name just a few.

I have worked as a Chiropractor in Marin for over fourteen years and have seen and cared for patients of almost all ages with a great variety of these conditions.

We here in Marin have a relatively health conscious population, with many fitness enthusiasts and high level athletes. Coming from a health and fitness background and being an athlete myself, I also enjoy working with athletes and athletic injuries.

My care focuses on reducing pain, discovering its underlying causes, and approaching care in a comprehensive way. This involves soft tissue work, modalities, mobilizations, and exercise prescription in combination with an aim to find tools to help cope with the stress in activities of daily living. I have been quite successful with this approach over the many years as a Chiropractor in Marin.

As you can see, Chiropractic encompasses much more than just ‘back pain treatment’. It is a model and profession that promotes care to allow the body to heal itself.

If you are experiencing pain – especially chronic back and neck pain – I hope you’ll reach out to me for a consultation.